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Holiday Season Survival Guide for Small Businesses

While it’s referred to as “the most wonderful time of the year,” the holidays can be a very stressful season for many small businesses. Some companies, particularly those in retail, are inundated with customers during this time when people naturally spend more money, and can be easily overwhelmed trying to keep up with the holiday rush. Here are a few measures to help survive another hectic holiday season.

Be sure to stock up on inventory. Careful analyzation of previous years’ sales will help you identify the items and quantities you’ll need on hand, ensuring they are in stock before your customers buy them.

Hire part-time employees to supplement your staff. Besides not having the inventory you need, not having enough employees on hand to help you during the holiday rush can be debilitating. Thankfully, many people need extra money during the holidays and are eager to take on work temporarily this time of year.

Extend your business hours. Another easy way to accommodate all of the additional business this time of year is to simply keep your doors open longer. Even an extra hour each day can make it possible to adequately serve your customers during the holiday rush.

Even if the holidays are your busiest time of year there’s no need for them to be a stressful one for your small business.

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