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We are partnering with SoCal Bio to bring you the best of document management solutions and office equipment. We share SoCal Bios dedication to serving its members by making sure they have access to the best products and services that will enable them to succeed.


Image 2000 has recently partnered with SoCal Bio to be one of the several vendors that offer their services and/or equipment to their members at very special prices. If you are in the biotech, med tech, IVD, or digital health community and would like to learn more, then click the SoCal Bio link below.



Members will have full access to our equipment and services at 50% our regular price. They will be able to purchase or lease our equipment directly through this site by entering the portals above.


Along with our equipment offerings, members will have access to our maintenance programs. The maintenance program gives members manage print services, and will help them to save a fortune on toner.

If you are a SoCal Bio member and you do not have access to the site, you can request access through the login portal in the heading. If you would like to know more about Image 2000, SoCal Bio, or the SoCal Bio Community then check out our podcast below or on iTunes. 




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